The Role of Nutrition in Hair Loss Prevention

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the most effective measures for preventing hair loss. If you exercise on a regular basis and maintain a healthy and a balanced diet then you will certainly achieve fruitful results in reducing your hair loss.

Copper, iron, zinc, iodine, protein, silica, vitamin-A, Vitamin-B complex (vitamins B—6 and B-12), biotin, water and folic acid are the most common nutrient that must be included in your diet to prevent your hair loss. You should not only include these nutrients in your regular diet but also you should be aware of all those foods which may give rise to hair loss.

You should follow a balanced diet and for this you must include essential minerals and vitamins in your diet. But you keep in mind that you should not purchase over the counter vitamin pills and stuff yourself with all the hair loss prevention supplements. You should be aware that most vitamin supplements available at drugstores or pharmacies fail to get absorbed by the body, since they are chemically processed. Many times excessive use or intake of the vitamin supplements may cause unpleasant reactions which may prove to be harmful for human body. It is best to prevent your hair loss by supplying adequate vitamins to your body through food only instead of taking the supplements.

The chief nutrient that must be included in your regular diet is vitamin A. Vitamin A is the chief element required for maintaining hair. The functions of vitamin A is preventing blockage and drying of the sebaceous glands, which is vital for lubricating hair follicle. Therefore preventing and reducing hair loss. The main source of dietary vitamin A is fish oil, fortified milk, eggs, liver, and orange vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables –these are good sources of vitamin A and these should be included in your regular diet.

Red blood cell metabolism vitamin B is very important and it is required human body for producing hemoglobin.Haemoglobin is essential for transferring oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues including hair. A high level of hemoglobin should be maintained in your blood for preventing or curing hair loss. Chicken, pork, kidney, liver, fish, and soybeans should be included in your diet as they supply vitamin B complex. Therefore if your diet is rich with these foods then you can prevent your hair loss to a great extent. Cereals, nuts, whole grains, orange juice, wheat gram and liver will provide folic acid to your body. It is essential to include such foods in your diet as folic acids also play a great role in preventing your hair loss. Biotin-This is another significant nutrient that causes prevents hair loss. You should be aware of the fact your absorption of biotin might be affected if you have serious intestinal disorder or if you are suffering from malnutrition. Biotin is produced by living bacteria in the healthy gut.

It is proven that Asians eat all those foods that are essential nutrient rich and these nutrients help in preventing hair loss. Asians are believed to possess the healthiest of hair because of high intake of rice in their diet. It is not only important to maintain a healthy diet but it is equally important that you are taking the food in their correct form. For example green vegetable should be eaten uncooked since after cooking the essential minerals are lost.

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