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Types of alopecia areata

Most people who have alopecia areata will only experience a few small to medium sized patches of hair loss on their scalp. This definition is the most common interpretation of alopecia areata. However there is a small minority of patients with alopecia areata who do progress to other forms of it. Alopecia areata is a

Diagnosis of Alopecia Areata

The first signs of alopecia areata can be indicated through small bald patches on the scalp, beard, or any other hair growing part of the body. The bald spots are often round in shape and the skin exposed is usually soft and completely hairless. The loss of the hair is usually sudden. Physicians try and

Commonly Available Hair Loss Help

Hair loss is a very crucial problem and men and women suffering from this problem take help to cure the problem. It is an acute and sensitive setback that affects one’s social life. In today’s world the outer appearance is an important thing to be successful and it is proven fact. So for people suffering

The Role of Nutrition in Hair Loss Prevention

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the most effective measures for preventing hair loss. If you exercise on a regular basis and maintain a healthy and a balanced diet then you will certainly achieve fruitful results in reducing your hair loss. Copper, iron, zinc, iodine, protein, silica, vitamin-A, Vitamin-B complex (vitamins B—6 and B-12),